Hard surface helpers: Boxcutter vs MESHmachine vs Fluent vs Speedflow

Hehe, thanks for reminding me. I’ve added Speedflow to the original post & title now. :slight_smile:

Your short Twitter video tutorials are really great! Is there an archive of them or a compilation for those who haven’t dug through your Twitter history?

There’s also this add-on, but I don’t know if it’s still actively developed at the moment:

Check this :wink:

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I am new to blender and was considering box-cutter. But I see that Fluent has 2 features - 1) a grid on which we can draw a shape. 2)adding support loops around the boolen/ hole. Can Fluent users tell me if these features are working fine or are buggy? Are you finding these uselful.?

Box cutter doesn’t have these features i think. But it has been around for long so I assume overall it works smoothly and has less bugs.

What looks really interesting in Fluent is the wire tool: he really does create those pipes quickly!