Hard surface helpers: Boxcutter vs MESHmachine vs Fluent vs Speedflow

Hehe, thanks for reminding me. I’ve added Speedflow to the original post & title now. :slight_smile:

Your short Twitter video tutorials are really great! Is there an archive of them or a compilation for those who haven’t dug through your Twitter history?

There’s also this add-on, but I don’t know if it’s still actively developed at the moment:

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Check this :wink:


I am new to blender and was considering box-cutter. But I see that Fluent has 2 features - 1) a grid on which we can draw a shape. 2)adding support loops around the boolen/ hole. Can Fluent users tell me if these features are working fine or are buggy? Are you finding these uselful.?

Box cutter doesn’t have these features i think. But it has been around for long so I assume overall it works smoothly and has less bugs.

What looks really interesting in Fluent is the wire tool: he really does create those pipes quickly!

Here is a vid on Fluent pipes if one is interested:

can you explain better this sentence?
thanks for a replay!

MESHmachine provides tools to edit geometry on the mesh level, from edit mode. It directly manipulates a mesh’s vertices, edges and faces (and normals).

HardOps and BoxCutter center a lot on modifier based modeling, mainly focusing on tools to simplify working with booleans and bevels, where the modifier stack creates the final mesh, which isn’t necessarily accessible until the modifier stack is flattened. That’s why it’s called non-destructive, vs. destructive mesh modelling. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
It’s a good idea to be able to do both.


Okay, but sorry, I didn’t understand…:
which one do the non-destructive mesh modelling and which one do a destructive mesh modelling?
And which are the main Pro and Cons for both methods?
Sorry, I am only trying to understand.
In other words, I am agree to learn both techs, but It would be great to know Pro and Cons of both to orient my workflow.

MESHmachine is for manipulating the mesh directly while hardops/boxcutter is for adding boolean modifiers

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