Hard Surface (Josh G) Pinching, Shading Issues

Hi All.

Trying to understand more about hard surface/topology/ficing issues where and why.

I’ve followed a Josh Gambrell tutorial, all looks fairly good and folowed his to pretty much a T. I’ve attached the model, not sure what you would call it, is it pinching or shading issues but 've tried all I can to rectify it. Everything as quads e.t.c moved some of the twister quads into better position yet cannot fix it.

If anyone can take a look and let me know how they would fix it would appreciated. Will help with my progress as I’m not getting it or know what else I can do mesh wise.

The pinching is at the end of the groove either side by the hole.

Thanks very much
Microphone7.blend (1.1 MB)

Thought I’d add some Screens.


I just turned off mean crease and it smoothed out. also added some bevel weight to sharpen it a bit.

Your topology looks the same as in Josh’s tutorial (other than the vertices being out of alignment from your attempted fixes), it’s just a shading thing.

In the Object Data Properties (the green vertex triangle looking tab in the properties side menu) go to Normals > Auto Smooth > Angle and increase the angle value till you get what you want. Right now it’s 30 degrees and some of your angles are larger than 30 degrees, which is why they are shaded sharp.

Also, crease the bottom edges of the channel and apply bevel weight to the center edge of the big hole where it meets the channel.

To get vertices back in alignment, select two vertices that are supposed to be in line on the same axis and scale them 0 on the appropriate axes. In your example you’d be selecting verts on either side of the channel and scaling them to 0 on the X and Z axis. Then you can grab the verts and move them along the Y axis till it’s about where you want, or you can use the Vertex Transforms (in the N menu) to position them exactly on either side of the axis.


In addition to the advice already offered …

Sometimes the use of the “Weighted Normal” modifier can solve some smoothing problems … to be seen!

For use it, Auto Smooth must be active.

You might also find some useful tips in this tutorial by Con Koumis, ‘Sharp Corners with subsurf, a different way!’.

Thanks everyone. I’ll take a look. I’m doing a couple more HS tutorials so learning a little more but I’ll take a look at what’s been said. Appreicate it.