Hard surface modeling articles (spanish)

Found interesting articles on proper topology for modeling hard surfaces. The articles are in Spanish though.


And a thread at polycount.net:


I hope you will find it useful.

very nice articles.

any spanish speaking person willing to translate?


I just used google translate and it did fine - I could understand the articles 100%

i love topology tips!!


So, after reading some through of those tutorials it appears I have been filling my cylinder ends wrong. I have been filling them with the method on the left, but I guess according to the tutorial the method on the right is better. Is this because the edge flows don’t terminate?

And would there be something wrong with doing it like this?


the old way you did it and the new way are both equal.
as long as the first and second loop cut have tangent curvature it is fine.
the second one is better if you not only want to cap the cylinder but
also dome it a little.
for that the first step would need additional loop cuts.

for UV unwrapping the second might be better to paint over.

the last one shows uneven face dimensions - not so good

you may actually wish to use displacement on your objects
in which case poles can end up pointing/sticking out to the eyes. :slight_smile:

Also your bottom image’s technique uses elongated or ‘stretched’ or ‘non uniform’
polys so again in case of displacements that can stick out.

so of the three the right one os the most uniform in the derived mesh that would
derive from the base mesh with a subsurf modifier on it for an example. :slight_smile: