Hard surface modeling

Hey all, this add-on I made was a project to help me get into Blender python(which it did). It started when I wanted the addon Hard Ops but I didn’t have any money to buy it at the time, so I decided to learn python. It’s a very basic script that has 4 functions, basic smooth, complex smooth, clear bevels and smoothening, and solid smooth. It is very similar if not a clone of the very basic hard ops. I hope it helps anyone that needs it and feel free to edit this however you like, it’s made under a creative commons license.

Here is the script!


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How to use it

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I have a Error Message

Line 173 and 167
Operator bpy.ops.object.shade_flat.poll, context is incorrect

Hi texasfunk101,
I just found this post while searching for info on Hard Surface modeling.
What is the status of your add-on? Are you still developing it?
I would like to try it.

awesome stuff!

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Hi, thank you for your contribution to free software :slight_smile:
I downloaded the addon and added it to my addons list but when I try to use it I can’t find it.
Can you try to help with a tutorial?
It would be really appreciated! :wink: