Hard Surface to that Mesh thingy

So I have been playing about with blender for a while. Making different hard surfaces, pyramids, chairs, etc. Some where along the line, maybe in a YouTube tutorial, I learned about that hidden mesh underneath all my hard surfaces. I believe this is how people get those smooth edges.

Do I need to add a lot more sub divisions to create a smooth surface? Or am I way off? When I texture, does that make it look smooth?

Also, if I do need to use the mesh thing, what’s it called and how do I turn it on? Whats the benefit of having a mesh over the hard surface tools?

Thank You,

Depends what you mean by smooth edges. You can get nice rounded edges just using either the Bevel tool, or the Bevel Modifier. For curvy surfaces, you use the subdivision surface modifier, but this IS dependent on “good” topology, it’s not an auto quick-fix. The bevel modifier has the advantage that you can apply various weights to edges and have one modifier give various bevel levels.

Here’s a cube thing with various bevels, both “hard” and via the bevel modifier. Also a copy with SubSurf applied and another with edge loops to affect the sub surf. If you alter the order of modifiers, you can see the impact it has.


BevelTest.blend (2.6 MB)