Hard surface?

I’m trying to model the decorations, but I guess I don’t know how to go about doing it properly as I keep running into different issues. At first I thought it’d be pretty easy, but it’s turned out to be anything but. I’m trying to avoid just using the image as a texture because of the lighting and certain elements like the knob that wouldn’t translate well.

I started out by drawing the edges of one of the smaller corner ornaments and filling them with a face to make a plane. Cutting out the holes creates errant edges across the face that bevel and look awful when I try to bevel and soften the edges a bit.

Any advice to get me going in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

model the main outer profile and extrude
model the geometry for the holes and use boolean modifier to remove it
add spheres and use boolean modifier to add it
draw mesh outline for the engraving use skin modifier to give it a volume use boolean modifier to remove it

pretty simple actually

I think you over complicate it.

That’s basically what I did, though. Using the boolean is what creates extra edges across the face.

Edges drawn and filled in.

Post-boolean with 4 extra edges across the face that I can’t dissolve.

So edges on the face are normal. You need some edges to define frame the faces around inner holes!

Sometimes when the edges are positioned bad you delete them draw new somewhere else and then fill the holes again.

so you are all on the right track!

you can also consider drawing this with splines as one object with the inner shapes included and extrude

You’re trying to make everything as one object, that’s very hard.
Try to make it as a lot of little objects forming one big object.
For example each little “petal” I guess you could call it, I would make as one object. That way you can keep them fairly simple. And just duplicate that with Shift+D, move it with G and modify it a bit in Edit Mode by moving the vertices for the next one.

The first two times I tried it. the edge coming from the top left corner bevelled across the face, so that’s why I thought I was doing something wrong. I’ve managed to get the shape part right, but still just need to refine the engraving part a bit.

I actually hadn’t thought about doing them in parts, but that’s a great idea! I’ll definitely try that for the more complex lock part.

Thank you both for the advice!

I finally did it. It was definitely a learning experience. I found this modelling video and borrowed some technique from it to block out and fill in the shapes. With a good grungy metal material, I think it’ll work.

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