Voila its finished , things begin to go very slow here,to match of everyting.
Not my best work , but nice to learn some things.
The pineapple was the esayst part.:eyebrowlift:
Glad to hear your comments.

It looks kinda like you pasted everything together in photoshop. Meaning, nothing has proper shadows(if any). And some appropriately placed lamps and AO.

The modeling and texturing looks great, though.

Nice, but I think its too early to call it a finished project.
The cloth is not laying properly on the table. Its also looks like your fruits do not weigh anything.
Your pineapple tin is penetrating the the cloth - also “give it some weight”
And of course the lighting - add some direct light or something , so it can cast sharper shadows. Add stems to your grape.
There are a few other stuff , but lets stop for now.
Put some more work in this scene buddy, cos you can end up with a great result

Take care