Hard to phrase question

I’m not sure the exact terminology, but does anyone know how to connect these meshes together? Basically I’m trying to rig this entire mesh, but the vertices between the meshes aren’t connected. It’s just two objects joined together. Mesh on the left is part of the head of the model and the object on the right is completely separate. So is there anyway to create new vertices on the main object and then connect them or is there some other way to do this? Sorry I can’t be more specific, but any help would be appreciated.

you could simply join them - Ctrtl-j
but no connections
make certain they are very close to each other

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What is the model used for? You said animations?
You can try using boolean on the model, and then later retopology. Boolean connects, intersects, and differences objects. Making one object out of the two.
The other option is to join them by hand. Vertice for vertice, line for line.

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I’ll try boolean and see if that works. Thanks