Hard volumetric shadow

Is there a method, either with eevee or cycles, compositing or other tricks, to get a hard volumetric shadow so the part that is shadowed is completely black with no scattering? I know this is not physically correct but I’d need it stylized. I am 90% sure this was possible with Blender internal with turning some sampling attribute to a single sample.



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With cycles you can disable scattering by using the Light Path -> Is Camera Ray input. Set the material to completely black if the ray is not a camera ray. This should give you what you ask for.

I assume you want the region outside of the shadow to appear with normal, global lighting. Then you would need to have 2 render layers and use the one rendered as above as a mask in the compositor.

Might be there is a simpler trick with Eevee, but I’m not really familiar with it.

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