Hardcandy Shader with pearlescence and microfaceting

I made this general purpose Hardcandy shader which features internal structure, microfaceted features and energy transmission. Uses Stuart Bradfoot’s Transmission Glass shader.

Sooo… can we see the nodes?

Is this using a volume shader ? I’d be curious to see the noodle as well !

I will upload a blend file as soon as I do more testing. The node graph ATM is a tangled mess of noodles and the shader itself is pretty complex and may have some redundant or obsolete bits needing to be worked out.

The shader is, unfortunately, not volumetric as it is impossible as far as I know to get cycles volumes to shade as an anisotropic solid. Instead the internals are, in short, emulated using an anisotropic shader with a normal bump map. The shader is not physically accurate, but seems to be a pretty decent approximation.

Here is the Blend file. I never really intended to share this, so I apologize if the parameter names are unclear or just don’t make much sense. I didn’t do much as far as cleaning things up. So it’s a pretty complicated mess. But the node groups included should work.

Hardcandy Shader

Let me know if the link doesn’t work. I’ve never made public from that account.

Also - The input values are attenuated based on my usage. So bear in mind that things may not scale quite as you’d expect. View the node group inputs for details.

This is amazing. I wish I understood nodes better. Keep it up!

LOL - Me too! :slight_smile: