hardcore modeling challenge PIXAR Tribute

My WIP for the hardcore modeling challenge PIXAR Tribute at the CGSociety forum. I have started of with woody, but should eventually have most characters done for a nursary room scene. That’s the plan anyway.



C&C welcome:o

:smiley: ive been wondering how long it would take someone to model some toy story characters…seems great so far…cant wait to see more :smiley:

Here is another update, slowly but surely I will get there.


C&C welcome. :slight_smile:

Another update



Ok I have done most of the modeling done, a few things left to go, but I will start of the other characters from now on. Comments and critiques are more than welcome.

Basic materials, no textures, BI



OK so I am really looking for some active critz regarding my work so far, as I really would like to improve in my modeling.:frowning:

Here is the piggy bank from toystory.



Here is lotso, basic version. I noticed I have made his body too short. C&C please.




Hey, grafix. Not sure why no ones posting for ya, but I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

First off, these are pretty nice models, so I can see where it may be hard to critique 'em without being nit-picky.

Anyway, for Hamm:

I’d say the nose should be sharpened up as the edges of it are too rounded. A couple of tightening edge loops should fix that right up.
The back area of his head may be a tad too oblong vertically. May need to be scaled in or made a bit more circular (could get a better read with a front-side shot).
Also, it may be the angle of the camera, but the money slot on his back seems bent a bit, rather than curved all the way through.
Last thing I’d say is the feet may be just a hair too high as it seems he’s standing with his nails.

That’s pretty much what I have for you. Hope I was able to help you. I’m definitely no expert in modelling, so feel free to shoot down any of my points. Hope to see version 2.0 soon. :slight_smile:

@stickwithchrist, Thanks for the feedback. Points taken and will be pursued. :o

I have had a rather busy day today and tomorrow will be crazy as well, so next update maybe in a few days… But I will get Hammy done to satisfaction first… I hope:p

Much thanks


Nice woody. Don’t know why… I don’t have any Toy Story in my movies collection - watch more than once,

Remaking the Pixar characters sounds like fun. So many cool characters to choose from.

Your Woody looks perfect to me. If you modeled Bullseye to go with him that’d be so bad ass. :evilgrin:

Regarding your piggy his head/body looks a bit out of proportion. A little bit too slim in the midsection as the PIXAR piggy is more roundish and plump (i.e., less oval-shaped) :D. And your piggy has a little bit of a bullfrog chin thing going on.

In trying to find some pictures to compare against I see the Toy Story official homepage has some nice 360 views of their characters that could serve as great reference images during modeling if you haven’t been there yet. Might make your job a lot easier. Here’s a snapshot of their piggy from the side:


This is gonna be a cool thread. Can’t wait to see who you model next! :smiley:

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@notyourbuddy, thanks for the constructive crit. I haven’t checked that official toy story site yet but I have a feeling I will be there sooner than later.

More to come later when this weeks crazy schedule comes to an end.



I could 't resisted,so i texture for you well done model…:yes:


Yeah take a look at the 3d turn-around: http://disney.go.com/toystory/#/characters/woody/360-turn
I think Woody is too short, and looking from front view, his chest should be wider…

Anyway, just some minor tweaks, looks great overall!

LOL… thanks man, saves me the job. Actually once I get everything done, and if I have time left over for it, I will texture the models, but as it is a modeling challenge I thought that I better focus on correct models rather than substandard ones. (Hammy…:o) But thanks for the comments it has really made my day.

I am just having a peak over at the 3d turn arounds now. Good points and I will make sure that I fix up the size problem and the chest. I am actually just making these models from pics taken from google, so very hard to find ones with good front and side view, they are mostly 3/4 views which makes getting the dimensions correct that little bit harder.

Once done I will update these drafts. Thanks for these great constructive crits.



OK Now I have been able to get a little bit more done on this. The Hammy character definitely needed fixing up so this is where I am at the moment, I will add the eyebrows and fix the roundness on the back. I will try and give some life to him by giving him a pose.
openGL render

Please keep the crits coming as they really do help. Thanks guys.:yes:

OK here it is done except for the tail.



Now on to potato head

Potato head started. Here goes.





Doing the shoes in the morning. Bye

Quick update

Though it looks like little has changed apart from arms being bent, actually I had to remodel his face and proportions on the body. Feet to come soon.


Comments appreciated