Hardest Challenge Ever!

okay so everyone here must love visual arts, right? so i got a challenge for you!
it goes like this:
I will post a pic
someone else will make it funny and then post a pic of their own
someone else will make it funny, then post a pic of their own
and it keeps going on and on

i bet none of you will have the skill to humorously improve all the pics thrown at you. (im the best at it anyway):wink:

(i already know some of you are gonna come here just to say this thread should get locked and blah-blah-whatever… its because the devil stole your creativity and sense of humor and your jealous of those who still got it.)

here is the first pic


been done

Nice concept for Blender forum though!

Nice distraction from actually doing anything in Blender. @NJROTC: get back to work on your game!

If you believe this

then where’s the challenge?

Here’s your Hardest Challenge Ever!: learn Blender and post work in progress. Dare ya.

Here’s your hardest challenge ever. Get your post-per-day count down under 10.

That picture is actually rather creepy. Think about it. What would you do if your taco had a face that looked like that? I’m sure you’d scream.

Can’t post an image right now, sorry.

Hey I have always wondered Bid Bad who’s stomach is that?

Just a chick I dated. :cool:

a chick he dated? or is he just good at photo shop too? :wink:

well i thought this was a good idea… obviously no one wants to play sigh and im making my game and if you want to see one of the rooms (only one room though, you can see the others yet, my game is a surprise so that one room is stripped of eveything that could reveal the plot.) go to

you guys are being douches, why not just forget lame post count and at least try, unfortunatly i have homework to do, so everyone else have fun with this

OK, I was bored and had 15 minutes to spare.


you forgot to post your own pic for people to make funny. YOU GUYS RUINED THE WHOLE GAME!!!

If this were Digg i’d have to let people know i was only kidding.

I’m only kidding.


you were suppose to post a pic of your own but here use this one now


Very quick and dirty photoshop

now make this funny:

Personally i think it’s more effective of a game if you take a simple image that isn’t necessarily funny, but has the potential, then see what people can do with it. my $0.02

Clever action with the moose there :eyebrowlift:


And for the next fellow, hehehe:


playing around, really should be windows logo on the sky or no?


another. too obvious maybe :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think i’ve ever seen a photo of young bill gates that didn’t look like he was stoned out of his mind.
J… you got here first, but you didn’t post a reply image, so i’m hijacking you (plus I’m really really bored and have nothing better to do) :stuck_out_tongue: Much love.

And mine.

So sorry for not putting an image on here!! My sincerest apologies to everyone. (But bigbad wrecked it first:P)


Here is the next one. LINKY

here ya go! :cool:

now make weird al funnier