Hardest Game Ever! [Download]

All the information and download is here, on bGame.

Well, you guessed it, it’s a hard game!
Although there’s one problem… it’s not!
It’s difficulty would be medium-hard. But hopefully it’s still fun!
There are 9 Default Levels and you can also make your own levels!
That’s right, there’s an in-game Level Editor!
I made this quite quickly, so it’s not very long, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable for everyone!

All made by me apart from the Music, it’s from Christiaan Bakker

If you like the game please leave a rating! :slight_smile:



Screenshot of Level Editor:

Screenshot of Games Menu:

Screenshot of the game:

Interesting work. Simple design and fluent controls. And a level editor…good good :slight_smile: Only annoying thing was the video capture. Good job overall!

Thanks Goh, I know, the recorder is awful. I run a Mac so I can only record with the demo of Screenium. Better than nothing though I suppose.

Would you guys mind rating the game on bGame?
Thanks guys and gals! :wink:

Intresting game ross, i think that the level editr need some other features to make it more playable with, but other than that is good work! Congratulations!

Thanks for supporting bGame, Ross. :slight_smile:

nice :wink: reminds me game, which i once play on DOS

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

@AniCator, You shouldn’t thank me, I should thank you for the site! I really appreciate the homepage too! The new blue highlights are much better - so bravo!
@Leonn, yeah I know, the game is reasonably small so there aren’t enough assets! :o Thank you too. :wink:
@1adamm115, thanks - I wasn’t very original with this one… :stuck_out_tongue: