Hardest part of 3d (for you)

I saw something like this on CGsociety. I thought it’d be fun to see what the blender community thinks the hardest part of 3d CG is. I kept the options strictly 3d (no compositing, digital painting, etc.) I grouped lighting and rendering into one choice because their so closely related in most cases with GI, AO, raytraced reflection etc.

Feel free to tell us what you voted for and why.

For me the hardest part of CG is accurately getting a model to look the same as I see it in my head. It’s a very infuriating process.

Once that’s down, the technicalities don’t bother me that much…

For me it’s texturing (not UV mapping, necessarily), but I’ve always had trouble with methodically painting details.

Well, for me it’s actually staying focused and organized. I’m kind of obsessive compulsive and if I don’t have a plan of some sort and try to do anything I get very distracted and try to do to many things at once.

inspiration to model something. Then being able to actually model the thing!

For me animating is always a challenge, at specially character animation. But its also the best and most enjoyable part.

You should also add scripting to the poll, thats an area that I never touched.

Getting my lazy self to work on/actually finish something…
Everything else is easy once you try it, just keep the ideas flowing :slight_smile:

Rigging, I’m bound to break holes in the desk and glare holes through my monitor one of these days. Thank God for loud music so that I can’t hear my own thoughts while I’m rigging, or all hell might break loose.

…I have the same problem…:mad:

oh yeah and rigging.

I’d have to say rigging / animating is the hardest part for me. Just when you think you got it right… you notice another artifact or something that just doesn’t look right… back to the “rigging” table…


Definitely animation. I learned to do full character rigging in less than a week; animation, on the other hand, I have been struggling with for months, and many months (and years) to come.

But animation is the best part of all CG, everyone knows that :stuck_out_tongue:

I now realize I probably should have put effects on there. Like fluid, particle, hair & fur, physics etc.

It’s all pretty easy for me, but that’s only because I don’t know what I’m doing, so I don’t do anything the “right” way. Ignorance is bliss.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go bend some quads.

Quoted for agreement

Quoted for hilarity. I actually laughed out loud.

I vote animating, its the most difficult and time consuming part of my 3D work. Say 4 or so hours to model a decent object, 2 or so hours to rig it, 3 or so hours to unwrap and texture, oh and then 2 months to fricken animate the damn thing. :mad:

Plus animation is really difficult to do correctly, and some things about Blender’s NLA and action editor really aggravate me, I always seem to delete keys which I didnt mean to, and then realize an hour later when I’ve saved the project 20 times that half the animation is screwed up due to missing keys.

Im a pretty calm person usually, but theres just something about animating which drives me up the wall. My last mouse died a horrible, high velocity death due to… animation angers… :no:

I agree with ZombieJohn as well, when it comes down to painting the textures its a real pain, and something hard to master. Its pretty much a whole other art on its own.

Thankfully, nothing in CG is painful for me haha. I love making textures. I enjoy taking photos to source in texture creation also. The first texture I ever did was for a grungy old skateboard and I really surprised myself. I think texturing has always been my forte. I’m happy to see so many people think it’s the hardest (more jobs for me if I ever make it :).)

Texturing: be it UV maps, procedual - what ever; it is the bane of my existence!

finding an idea.