HardOps for game dev

Hello, i’ve just recently started using hardops and boxcutter for complex hard surface objects and it seems waaay faster and more convenient way to do it, but the fact that it works only with ngons makes retopology so much harder. In traditional subdivision modeling you could just delete supporting loops on hard edges and that was it, but that’s not the case in non subdiv modeling. Just triangulating is the only obvious way to go, but too high polycount makes it impossible for unity to handle the model. So in other words, is it even worth the struggle to use hardops for game development? How would you approach retopology in easiest way?

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@MetalMan3D You can use HardOps for game development, and the way I would recommend is using a re-topology addon, there are many out there for blender 2.8 and 2.79, these addons do the job for you. Apart from this solution I don’t think there is a easier way.

Retoplogy is not needed.
Use fwvn technique