Hardops or Icetools

(sawsrinath) #1

What plugin is easy to use for hard surface modeling? Hardops or Ice tools? Thanks

(BigBlend) #2

Never heard of ice tools

(colkai) #3

Hard Ops is the grand daddy and I would recommend that, but I also have Speedflow. I find HardOps extremely useful.


I have both for some things, but I sue more hardops.

(Pitiwazou) #5

Speedflow guys, Speedflow ^^

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(Lane) #8

quick presentation and link for Icetools

having hardops, i will be glad to see a concrete comparaison review of both.

(sawsrinath) #9

Thank for the reply guys. I have looked at some tutorials and looks like both of them are pretty good for hard surface modeling. What does it mean by “non- destructive workflow”(which ice tools have)?
Does hardops have this function?

(colkai) #10

Yes it does, it means you can cut into something with a boolean and hide the “cutter”, allowing you to alter it afterwards if you desire.
I’d heartily recommend checking out some of the HardOps videos to show you it’s power:

Go here for more. :slight_smile:

(sawsrinath) #11

Thank you. I will look into that

(FredLierman) #12


ps: yes, speedflow :smiley: