Hardsurface Tutorials without using AddOn?

Dear Friends,

do you have any good “hard surface modelling” tutorials to follow which don’t include any Add-Ons?
I want to model using Blender’s core functionality , without depending on other products.

Thank you

good luck with that, its impossible to model in blender without addons…
because exactly what those addons have is what blender modelling tools are lacking…

oh i could tell you what addons i use for hard surface modelling, and the ones you only need including free addons of course…

Not true. You can model without add-ons. Having add-ons doesn’t make you a good modeler. It just makes you a faster modeler. At the end of the day if you want to be good at modeling you need to master topology.


Yes. There are plenty of people who are teaching hard-surface modeling without the use of paid add-ons. One channel I can recommend is Arrimus 3D. You can find him on Youtube. He does a lot of hard surface modeling in 3DS Max and Blender. Another popular tutorial I can recommend is a robot modeling course by Gleb Alexandrov. The course is not free but you might be interested since the course doesn’t require you to have any paid add-ons as a prerequsite. CGCookie also has a lot of courses that don’t involve add-ons.


you ALWAYS need to model faster as well and be a good modeller of course, is a must to use addons for that… using vainilla tools only will only overwhelm you, and there arent much tools actually that we can count… even in 3dsmax in my experience is more slower to get something modelled done faster, not as in blender even without addons…

yep i watch arrimus also he uses addons well for blender/3dsmax as well…


some addons you will always use when modelling:

looptools already in blender
edit mesh tools already in blender
f2 already in blender
curve tools already in blender
add mesh extra objects already in blender
add curve extra objects already in blender
zaloopok Zaloopok "Shrink & Grow Edge Loops & Rings Selection" add-on
miratools MiraTools
interactive tools https://maxivz.gumroad.com/l/ynJmIV
forgotten tools Forgotten tools
machinetools (Free) and machinetools Deus Ex (Paid) MACHIN3tools
meshmachine (paid but definitively useful for semi non destructive mesh modelling and many other tools)
Zen Sets (Paid addon for mainly storing selections, that cant be stored with the default vertex groups) Zen Sets for Blender
autodelete Auto Delete
connect edges Connect Edges
edgeflow https://github.com/BenjaminSauder/EdgeFlow
fast loop Fast Loop
KeKit tools keKit for Blender (2.8+)
modifier list Modifier List 1.7.3
modifier tools already in blender

for uv mapping uv-packmaster [UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

recommended but not required:
black mesh
beziermesh shaper
grid modeller
quad remesher addon


Yes, I agree. Using add-ons is important. There are free add-ons that are really helpful and that I use. I was actually kind of talking about Boxcutter and Hard-Ops. Of course these tools will speed up the workflow. I know that these are really good tools and that they include lots of great features that help in modeling complicated stuff. But I don’t think you really need those tools if you are a beginner or still learning Blender. Again understanding topology is really important and is key if you want to be a good modeler. It’s really up to people’s preferences which add-ons they want to use or not.


very correct my friend, specially when creating things like this Bosch Drill WIP

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Sorry for the blatant plug, but I have a number of hard surface tutorials based around modelling with dimensional accuracy. The tutorials tend not to use add-ons and concentrate on Blenders core tools. Add-ons are great for improving efficient modelling, but if you haven’t first learnt the core tool set of blender and the add-ons you use can’t create what you need, you are effectively lost.

My tutorials page: https://www.rab3d.com/tut_blender.php

The Different Angle 3D YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DifferentAngle3D


Thanks! Those are very helpful. I am basically trying to get my wife to learn how to use Blender without the Add-On confusion. She looked at various tutorials and in the beginning of the videos they almost never tell you that you require a special add-on, and after following everything they start mentioning that you need to download and install an add-on.

It is kinda like back in the days when I learned programming (before online tutorials were a thing) and the author made you use his very own libraries by writing the book around the libs he coded and you were bound to their product (clever) and what not. I hate that stuff.