Hardware for Rendering-Server

Hello there.

For my work I shall compose and buy hardware for a highpower render server. Of course my work wants everything at once, so Cycles and Eevee optimized, and OSL functional (and hopefully optimized).

My budget is around 6000 Euro for a rendering server and another 6000 for a computing server.
It might be possible to do part of the OSL on the calculation server, if that allows for a better render-server.

Now my Question for you would be which combination of hardware would you recommend?

What exactly do you mean by the terms “computing server” and “rendering server”? If you mean a Workstation and a render node, this makes sence.

Maybe it makes more sense if I tell a bit about the surroundings:

I am working in a university on a government funded project. The goal is to write software that allows to plan, simulate, visualize and render buildings or even complete blocks of multiple buildings. It should revolve around Blender, some addons, some original code and other free software. It should be run on your private computer, but you should be able to send your file to a server to do simulations or do Renderings for you, so your personal PC doesn’t need to do it on its own.

For this I got granted a certain budget, of which I’m allowed to use roughly 6000 Euro for a server for rendering and another 6000 for a server for running simulations (mainly with energy+ and radiance).
If I have to stretch the total amount from 12k to 13k that might be possible (not fun, there will be A LOT of discussions, but possible) much above that is highly improbable.

Now I never built a PC for rendering or computation, especially not as a server. I once built a pc myself with the help of my brother, but for this here, I’d like your input.

The terms Workstation and render node sound about correct, eventhough I thought a render-node is one in a whole network, while in this case my network consists of one node only.

I’d love to hear more ideas though. If you come up with some multinode-system without blowing the budget too much I’m all ears.

What you essentially want is best CPU rendering and best GPU rendering at the same time in a single machine which is impossible on that budget. Just offload projects to a cloud solution with that budget.

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What I don’t get is how many people will be able to use these servers at the same time? Are two of them enough?

Anyways, If I was you, I would probably build two identical machines, with top performance in both single threaded tasks, like simulations in Blender, and rendering with Cycles gpu.

I would definitely build them around the new Ryzen 5950X, which is the top STP cpu right now. I would add 128gb of 4000MHz RAM on a beefy X570 motherboard, and for rendering, I would install two 3090’s with an emphasis in cool n’ quiet operation (ex Asus TUF). With a rough estimation, you’ll need approximately 6K€ per server.

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently we are still discussing but I handed it in and it looks like we’re going with something similar.