Hardware or Blender limits?

I’m working on huge landscape model (230x195x85 meters), and if i want to add details 5cm or less i need to subdivide the hell out of it. With multiresolution modifier i got 220,000,000 faces which is ok but frame rate drops to 0,5-1 FPS!

Is it a Blender thing or poor hardware?
How to get at least 20 FPS?

My PC:
Asus Sabertooth x99
Intel i7-5820k 3,3GHz
48Gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti
SSD Drive

This is just faaaaar too much geometry!! Blender and your hardware aren’t able to handle such an amount of calculations at 20 FPS. You will have to use a subdivsion modifier with a lower preview subdivision factor or some other tricks…

So if i hook up Blender with Sunway TaihuLight, i still won’t be able to get 200,000,000 faces at acceptable frame rate? If yes then i want to know the limits of Blender, and what kind of machine i need to reach them.

Maybe there are other tested options like Zbrush?
“Tricks” i will leave as last resort.

What are you planning to do? still image, animation,etc.
show some stuff and you get more detailed answers, if you ask more clearly questions and not so general stuff.
It seems you don´t have much experience with 3d

“Tricks” are the normal way to do something which would be impossible to archive otherwise.

SO just use “bump” or “normals” for details.

a) Blender has never been exactly stellar with complex scenes. Maybe the planned overhaul of the viewport code will improve this.
b) 220 million polygons will bring almost any software/system out there to its knees in terms of viewport performance.