Hardware recommendation

When I have around 100 000 vertices in the viewport my computer gets noticeably laggy.
I’m using a 2015 iMac with an i5 CPU and no discrete GPU.

I would like a recommendation for an optimal set up for viewport performance using EEVEE please

I use the EEVEE view option when I model and animate (z+8)

Would like to spend between $4000 and $8000.

Thank you!

I feel like normal maps really slow down the viewport when I was using a less powerful computer, sadly, there’s not a toggle for turning off all normal maps.

What ! No need for that amount of money. What would make it go up a lot is the graphics card, but Eevee can’t render using several cards at the moment (as far as I know). A setup around the ~1500e/$/£ should do it…

Thanks everyone for such quick responses.

I should clarify what I am doing:

A lot of modeling and animations in viewport.
I’ve decided, for now, not to render the animations but instead to just film from the camera perspective in blender by a “film screen” by software such as “screen flow”

That said, at some point I may change my mind and want to render and utilize some of the more advanced functions of blender.

But for right now, I’m looking for a very high quality srt up that will allow me to work flawlessly in the viewport using the EEEVEE engine to real time render in the view port.
So, that said, what would you guys buy if you have 4-8 thousand $?

Also, I’m happy buying a premade rig. I don’t nee dto save money doing it myself.

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I don’t have a mac, so I can’t really make hardware recommendations concerning them, but I can tell you that, if you just want to quickly spit out some frames to work with it’s best to use the render viewport animation feature (View menu > Render Viewport Animation).

This isn’t the same as rendering the final animation. It just saves what’s displayed in the view port for each frame to a series of images, and should work better than screen capture software since you don’t need to have any addition apps running in the background to do this.

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It’s depending on how rich you are. Mac’s are really good for art stuff but you can get a computer 3 times better for the price. Apple’s big clients are businesses that would lose more money, modifying or building the computer then they would possibly save. If you don’t have that kind of worry then go with Windows or clear linux. Ubuntu’s good too. Apple also has all those people who believe their phones are awesome but they’re all overpriced.

Thanks for the suggestion. I dont need to go with a Mac in the future.
I was mostly just wondering what hardware would get me the best viewport results (Mac or otherwise).

The viewport lagginess in Blender are probably due to Blender mostly. I’m not sure any system can improve it that much. Some tips though would be to hide everything except what is being worked on. Disable any subdivs when character animating.

With that much cash you could build a Threadripper system with 4 RTX 2080 ti. That would probably be the fastest rig possible for rendering in Cycles. I’m not sure if Eevee can even use more than one video card. With more than one card what can be done is to have one card for working and the rest for rendering in another open instance of Blender. That way you can keep working without any slowing while things render in the background. Just make sure to check the one video card to be used in the working instance and have that unchecked in the other instance.

I should also mention the RTX 3080 should be out soon.

For the fastest character updating Maya probably has to be used because they have GPU accelerated character animation, but then you have to use Maya, so drawbacks.

Highest per-core clockspeed CPU you can afford.
Throw in a Titan RTX or two.
Lots ram. NVME drive.

My current upgrade path is heading towards:
Ryzen 3950x + ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Formula mobo.
Titan RTX.
64gb of 3600mhz DDR4.
That’ll run 8-9 grand here in Australia at the moment. Less in USD.

Figure it’ll be a good balance of epic GPU perf for rendering(and more vram coz my recent Halo has capped my old Titan X and still isn’t good enough), and good CPU grunt for non-GPU applications like Gaea.
The trick is in the per-core performance of the CPU for all the single threaded stuff in Blender.

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