hardware requirements

Hi guys thank you for yours help I’m finally managed to run the application and for this application I must say frommulti-discipline views it is outstanding in one day I will be able to swim without safety belt and then I will support and stand behind whole idea concept full Throttle.but now like I said I’m not very good navigating around so will politely ask you for little bit off patience please understand I am now just on Reading controls what is what , I didn’t touch a :sweat_smile:cube :grimacing:but here’s the question I didn’t find Harvardrequirementss for 3D modelling like best performance reviews what’s in correlation wheat prices and cetera so my question is from my point of view Rocky world on which configurationproperties I pay most attention like howmuch CPU cores ,how much memory and so on. what I need to know when I decide on which configuration I want to buy​:kissing_heart:

Edit: and as always: more is only better if you need it and what you want to archieve… or: just a formula one car doesn’t make you a good driver (and i’m not even speaking from fast or winning). So just go for it with what you have anf you will the best for yourself.

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