hardware requirements

Hi guys thank you for yours help I’m finally managed to run the application and for this application I must say frommulti-discipline views it is outstanding in one day I will be able to swim without safety belt and then I will support and stand behind whole idea concept full Throttle.but now like I said I’m not very good navigating around so will politely ask you for little bit off patience please understand I am now just on Reading controls what is what , I didn’t touch a :sweat_smile:cube :grimacing:but here’s the question I didn’t find Harvardrequirementss for 3D modelling like best performance reviews what’s in correlation wheat prices and cetera so my question is from my point of view Rocky world on which configurationproperties I pay most attention like howmuch CPU cores ,how much memory and so on. what I need to know when I decide on which configuration I want to buy​:kissing_heart:

Edit: and as always: more is only better if you need it and what you want to archieve… or: just a formula one car doesn’t make you a good driver (and i’m not even speaking from fast or winning). So just go for it with what you have anf you will the best for yourself.

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Itnx for a answering
'm currently working on a laptop Who besides a little working memory that really taught me patience has some other technical difficulties and it’s an old HP Elite computer and certainly time for me to renew my technical capabilities in terms of IT and I have to get a PC but in a few Tika I read with regard to certain operations in 3D modeling that it does not matter How many core processors there are in case aau case B I did not understand really well since I am a beginner and everyone would like to get a computer that will be able to work for at least two years follow the trends of software and hardware upgrades in it that cost say up to 300 EUR how much I can invest now I thought you have experience given that someone has a gaming computer someone has some business version or home version with integrated graphics card How much memory working cooling and what’s wrong with me, that’s how it is for me. It’s just training her to see which direction it’s going. If it concerns the rest of me it clearly follows years of learning experience and working on also this and I look forward to developing software where I am sure that artificial intelligence will replace the painstaking work of artists and developers that native models will quickly come out as they should be and are conceived in the Autors mind with this head something like Houdek
It is only a matter of time we used to make generators that make the application themselves best by reading database spex today it is a standard visual the studio way of Programing and . here will be the same. The scanner is bigger working in half since I heard on Apple they’ve long gone from beta versions to operatives where databases are filled by suits and then machine learning no problem doughnuts have just to fly out