hardware specs for Blender

What are the best specifications for a computer to use Blender with? How much CPU power, memory, GPU capability etc is best? I remember seeing a thread on this a while back, but i’ve been unable to find it! I’m actually a bit suprised that there isn’t a forum or a sticky about hardware issues-or have I missed it?
So far I’ve not had too many problems using Blender on my system with XP (although it kept crashing with Ubuntu) but I’ve only done experimental stuff so far. My system is a pretty bog-standard desktop. I’m thinking about building a better one, but I’d like an idea first of what kind of spec I should go for. Ideally I’d like one that could handle everything Blender could throw at it. At the moment I’m happy just doing single images, but I might experiment with animation further down the line.
What do folks think?

Many threads like this. It depends on how much you’re willing to pay really. There is no real upper limit on the sort of machine you can get.

But for the basics of a new system.
-2 gigs of ram or better.
-2.0 ghz dual core or better. The Intel q6600 is an affordable quad core if you wish for more power in rendering.
-Upper range 7 series nvidia card or better…

Depends on your use really, how complex your scenes are… You can start out with a basic system and upgrade as you require. Add another 2 gigs of ram later, better gfx card…