Hardware upgrade for noobish


I’ve been using blender on my powerbook g4 on and off for about 2 years. The mac is nearing the end of her life and I’m considering getting a new machine. Does any one have any suggestions on what hardware and os blender runs best on? I’m looking for something moderately priced.

Also any suggestions on getting the most out of my mac (running leopard)

Hi andiro

well that depends now if you want to continue using OS X or Win or switch to Linux.

The reason why I never went to Linux systems is that while Blender runs quicker there
the armada of software I use on the OS X side are not available on the Linux side.

If you are used to a G4 chip you would love any entry level laptop from apple to be honest.
Even the out dated Core 2 Duo would outperform your G4.

U could also get a i5/i7 laptop entry level and run VirtualBox in windows and virtualize OS X in it.
Alltaken got a Sony F series Laptop and he is very happy with it.

I think there is not much you can do to get the most out of Leopard. The system itself is when freshly
installed fast. I would try not to have any unneeded background tasks running. But those would only
generate fractions of speed-ups to be honest.