hardware upgrade question

ok which affects the performance of blender the most? Ram, cpu, or video card? (i mean while editing and such not for rendering) the reason i ask is that my athlon xp 2400 with 512 megs of ram and onboard video lags rather bad once i get to a certain point in my scenes.
Now i assume that a video card would help??? but this is not an option atm becuase i plan on upgrading to a dual core, sli mother board in the next 3 months…speaking of which does blender take advantage of dual cored sytems?
any help is much appreciated

AFAIK, Blender does not use dual core ATM, but YafRay does.

So just get your machine and make sure you get an nVidia card.

It does - click the Threads button, and it will use one dual core procesorr, or two one core processors.

Yafray can use up to 8 CPUs.

My advise: get 1-2GB of ram, and Nvidia graphic card (6600/6600GT should be good), AMD X2 3800 (or better).

ok will do, thanks for the reply, and nvidea card is a definate since i use linux. have a good day guys