Harley Davidson 883 1998 Sportster

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EDIT: This project is done. I mean the modeling and all. I have gone for the clean look for the studio setup, It’s my first studio setup and have no clue. Anyway, some texturing still needs some work and have to work on the final scene. I hope it looks good. More shots with matcap shots will be in the Focused critique section soon.

This is my first time modeling a bike, and at every corner, I am getting stuck. I Would love to get feedback from you guys.

I am trying to model 883 from 1998. But I guess this will be a mix of all Harleys out there, mostly. Hehe


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Just a little piece of advice for the glass part of the headlight. A friend met this problems many times and when he solved it, he told me about it so it just came to me when I saw your model. He told me the material was acting weird when he set it to glass. Turns out it was because he was trying to save some memory by deleting the interior face of the glass part. So I recommend you don’t do that, and try to model the interior of the headlight, that shouldn’t be that difficult as motorbike headlights are pretty simple in design =)
Overall, your work looks very clean! Keep up the good work.

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Thanks! Trying my best to make it clean.

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Do I need to join these meshes or leave them be? Right where you see the faint red mark.

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I did it. I think I can get away with this:

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Added the left brake lever. I think it looks fine.

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You did a good job joining those two parts together, but the square part is a little bit wavy and should be more flat. Perhaps you could fix that using the Loops tool addon feature called Flatten. Give it a shot =)

I’m keeping track of this post because I intend on making a Harley Davidson when I’m done with the project I’m making at the moment. I love them Harleys! Keep up the good work!

p.s: the lever image isn’t showing.

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Thanks for your prompt replies, Shenfara.

I am already using loop tools :smiley: But are you talking about the vertical part that needs ore flatness?

If you want any help or need to see topology, feel free to ask. I am not an expert modeler. And this is my very first bike. So I am very slow here. Also, finding good reference images is hard for good proportions. Right now I am modeling the front brake caliper(?) and I will keep updating this post.

Again, thank you. :slight_smile:

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Looking good so far, BTW - the left hand lever is for the clutch.

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Brake caliper progress so far.

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Oh, yeah! Stupid me. :smiley:

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More progress:

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Finally! I completed the caliper! :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to spam the forum too much with my answers and comments, so i try to keep it to a minimum haha.
I like the way it’s all taking shape, you’re making very good progress!

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Thanks! And no problem. The whole idea of this post was to get feedback from others to see if I am doing something wrong, just like the rest. Feel free to give your two cents.

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Front and rear brake caliper installed. Also here are some more shots of my overall progress:

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I am not satisfied with this tyre. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Also I completed the indicator light.

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Very good model and attention to details!

As for tyres, IMHO it would be much easier to model its base shape as one mesh and all bumps on it as another one.
To have nice and smooth edges in intersection regions it is usually enough to make a little extrusion along base mesh to have properly calculated normals.

BTW here is very useful topic which covers nearly everything regarding subsurf modelling:

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Hey, Pilot! I loved your car model, and I am eagerly waiting for the facelift mode to be complete. I have so many questions, but will ask when I am nearly done with this project.

it would be much easier to model its base shape as one mesh and all bumps on it as another one

That’s what I did when I modeled the tyres of the Crane. This time I thought of modeling the tyre with bumps as a single mesh. I will check out the link you provided and thanks! :smiley:

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Re-did the whole tyre again. I don’t know if this looks good enough.