Harley Davidson EL-1941 (Mid-poly)

Started this a long time ago but quit/restarted multiple times. Decided to pick it up and get it finished now. Aiming for a mid-poly(15-20k polys) bike and probably a couple different iteration on same base: standard - cop bike - custom bobber… but we’ll see.

Here’s the current status:
The engine area has been given me most trouble. Also the Handlebar base… due too not too good references:

Here’s the Standard reference:

And here’s a bobber i probably will base mine on:

Lots of work too be done, but i’m not very pedantic so ill probably get it hacked together.
(And yes. The wheels are just temp. toroids)

Will post more pics soon.

Oh… it did get posted :slight_smile: Must have taken a couple of days before this thread appeared.

Well, anyway, no progress on bike. But made a simple camper trailer and made a quick render with it.

I think I’ll drop my polylimit and just get the bike smashed together in any way I can… fumbled around enough already.