Harley Davidson Sportster 883

A lot needs to be done here, especially the grass and track worn on the road:


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Updated the scene with improved grass and road and lighting. Changed the color to something different.

It’s getting better. Great work on the bike. Lots of really nice details. I think it’ll gain on realism even more, if you’d flat the tiers a bit on the bottom as if the weight of the bike squished it a little, like on the image I attached. It’s barely visible, but it creates a lot more shadow in the place where tiers touch the ground.


Thanks for the critique! I considered that point. But my bike was actually not touching the road. And the effect will be subtle as the weight of the bike is resting more on the kickstand. That’s why it is barely noticeable.

I am not sure if this is an improved render or I got a step-back.

After playing with some exposure and gamma values:

Just 50 samples for a trial.

Now bike looks like it’s standing. Cool. I liked the lighting better on HDS2.jpg. but it’s just a personal preference. This one is technically great too. It’s awsome, that you keep the values the highest on the bike reflections. It makes the bike pop out and looks great. Only thing I would change on the last render would be the yellow street markings - I think it needs to be less bumpy. A paint tends to sink little into the surface and make the texture of the road less prominent if you know what I mean. The grass needs to be less reflective. A good idea would be also add some more variations of color to it and maybe some other plants, but it’s not a grass render so it’s not so important. The stone on the right would gain on tuning down the saturation. Dry stones tends to have this low saturation tint on them, that disappears when they’re wet. Bike and road material are perfect in my opinion. Can’t see nothing that could improve it in any meaningful way.

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Thanks for providing me the feedback. I will make the changes and get back to you.

You are right about the lighting. The reason for changing the lighting was because many people complained on Reddit on the image saying the front wheel area looks flat without any reflections and anything, so I was like, “ok change the HDRI.” I also like the lighting in the HDS2 image. That was my intention going with a sunset/sunrise mood.

I will make the yellow marking less yellow and less bumpy. You are right about the paint seeping into the tiny nooks and crevices and making it more smooth. Will see what other plants I can add to the scene and will tone down the saturation.

Thanks for the feedback!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I think that the front wheel along with the stone on HDS2 image were reflecting more of blue sky then other parts thus giving that nice counterpoint to wormer, reddish light of the rest of the image. Even if the front wheel would look flatter it’s in my opinion a good trade for better look of whole composition.

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Added a brown (dried) grass. Better stone. Improved the yellow strip. Changed the HDRI. I cannot get the perfect lighting :frowning:

Good job. Nothing to add from me except the light previous angles were better. After some lighting experiments and tweaking you should be where you want.

Thanks for your prompt replies. I will revert back to the previous HDS4 version. But before that, I will add some more foliage and try to see if I can make the lighting t the original HDS2.

I think I will call it done. I reduced the cracks on the road as they were too strong. Added some dry grass.

Great model! It bothers me though that the exhaust pipe ‘flows’ into the white line along the street; I think the composition would be stronger if you moved the bike a little more onto the road.


Thanks, Bart! Now that you mention it, it feels as if the silencer is “painting” the white line. I placed the bike more towards the middle and rotated it slightly. Is it better?


Exactly! Much better now.

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The road looks brand new, like it was recently paved. An older asphalt road will look more whitish, and the paint stripes would be faded.

If you do this, it would give more contrast to the bike, making the road more faded and old.

How many MPG does that bike get?

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I am not sure about the MPG :slight_smile:

I wanted the road to be black, like tar, but you are right. I made it little more whitish and made the strips a little faded with cracks.