Harley Motorcycle

This is a 1956 Harley KHK. Comments welcome.



Nice details! I would recommend doing another render with the OSA filter set to Mitch. This will give you a much sharper looking render that will help to bring out those details.

good looking model, reminds me of my former “love affair” with my ’ 68 Sportster, till we each had to go our own separate ways.
I agree with Kernond about the sharper rendering. Also where is the kickstart, shouldn’t it be on this view side?

Cool model, but some of the spokes don’t seem to conntect all the way to the tire. A more interesting shot might show off the model more :).

Looks really nice. Lots of detail. But I’d like to see a less blurry render so I can make out all those nice details you made.

I have made a few changes but what is setting the OSA filter to mitch? I used OSA 8 which is the default.


Great model. It’s a shame to see you stop at this point though – throw together a scene and work on the materials and lighting a bit more and you could have a really impressive render.

Model is nice but the rende is boring. Maybe build some sort of an environment for it?

Fooled around with the lighting a bit and changed the color Not sure about a background,
I added a stone road but i don’t like it, this was just to practice the model but I will try a few things if I like them I will add a background and a road or something



nice job. now you need sky. the grey for backround takes away the awesome road texture.

nice job

i agree - a different perspective would make it more interesting

as an idea try a worms-eye view looking up at the front of the bike :slight_smile: