Harley Quinn

nice work

just curious here how did you do the legs with texture ?

happy bl

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man… I wish I could paint, let alone ALSO be this good at 3d!

what does a “ph.d.” in oil painting entail?

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ooohh… we have a redpill… or maybe an incel. no “deranged feminists” said psychopathic killers are never female, and thats bizarre and just plain stupid for you to bring it up out of nowhere just so you can complain about it. 1. you clearly are operating on some hyperbolic strawman mental image of feminism and arent very familiar with what actual feminism is beyond whatever redpill youtube channel told you it was, and 2. i seriously doubt you witnessed any “feminist”, let alone any actual feminist scholars as opposed to some random youtuber, talk about whether women are psychopathic serial killers. that said… the numbers are clear. they make up less than 5%. so, no, its not impossible. but its rare.

leave your stupid red-pill politics for 4chan or whatever other stankhole you hang out in. this forum is for blender, not for announcing you have trash political views and paltry critical-thinking faculties that rely on a mental caricature of a thing that if you were at all intellectually honest, you could have easily read first-hand sources and come out with a far more nuanced view than the borderline misogynistic trash you are flaunting.

I like how good that turned out the lighting is really great.

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1st, to confirm our goal here of supporting artistic ventures in Blender, we certainly may include constructive critique, as well as deserved compliments, as part of the total appreciation that any design professional may expect. ZengHao is equally professional & an artist, as the work shows.
2nd, it is fair to expect disagreement in any community discussion. One accepts intelligent debate; it is an excellent way to learn, & to improve our own views. Ambi & Nanoglyph previously offered useful thoughts. If, however, all one receives is an array of weak & disconnected insults, it wastes time - while, of course, conceding one’s lack of argument. Try for a bit of “creative invective;” it may at least entertain.
3rd, anyone who has ever had a girl (child) or adult woman in his/her life who has suffered child sexual abuse, & acted out to her own continued suffering in self-destructive ways thereafter, has a legitimate responsibility to call attention to social pressures that sustain the abuse. Your own comments, if they even deserve the word, brand you as a, hopefully small, part of the culture’s problem - & you as dolt. If you drag unrelated topics into this international community of support for Blender artists, expect deserved rebuke. The artists deserve, as mentioned, support & constructive critique, not stupidity.

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Whoa, I feel like this is the first time in a long time I was impressed with a realistic character in Blender! Really well done!

Things do start to feel artificial on the closeup (especially the hair, shirt, hair ties, etc.), but the face looks fantastic even on the closeup.

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Thank you~ Use a hexagonal grid graph and give some height. :smiley:

Thank you for your comment. :smile: I think the true effect of close-ups may require more accurate textures and a lot of time to draw. I hope I can find a more efficient and realistic method.

Gets triggered and goes on a rant using all the appropriate trigger words: incel, red-pilled, 4chan, mysogynistic trash etc.


Have you experimented with the SSS effect?
I feel the skintone in regards to that could be a little-bit optimized to make the shadows a little softer - It could be the white make-up that is messing with m eyes…
The cloth too could profit from a little-bit of translucency or SSS to make then appear less solid and more soft.


@ZengHao This is really great work. I would love to know your process. Was it all Blender? How did you model / texture? Really curious about your hair process.

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Awesome! She’s looking Great!

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Great !! Do you have an artstation account? I want to follow you :relaxed:

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Look Great! I also learning blender hair system at the moment, are you using simple or interpolated for hair children? Interpolated hair is always going through the mesh in my case.

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Thank you。simple or interpolated All need to be used,interpolated for hair on the surface of the scalp,
Braids use simple types。 :smiley:

Thank you for your opinion, you are very correct. In fact, I used SSS material, but if the effect of SSS becomes higher, the tattoo will not be clear enough. This can be solved with mixed materials but I am lazy.I will improve next time. :grin:

Not yet, because my work is not enough. Thanks for your support. :relaxed:

Very good, ZengZao. You’re no doubt a Blender artist already. Keep on and have fun. :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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