Harmonica finished

I was attempting realism with a touch of “cool look” to is if you get what I mean, this harmonica has taken about 6 hours to get to look right and I’m still not sure I am completely happy with it, C&C welcome!

Looks amazing, well done. The “paperish” effect should only be applied to the paper if it should be applied at all. Perhaps also create some reflections and perhaps use HDRI and AO (if you didn’t used AO already)

Keep it up, it can be really realistic I believe.

I second that. Adding post process effects of this type (this also includes lens-flares and the like) makes a render look as if it had nothing else to offer other than cheap effects, which would be a shame in this case.

Can’t really say much about it as you can’t really see the object very well. Applying sepia-tones might make it look like an old photograph.

Ok, changed it up a bit:
Reference image (for design and other aspects, I was not trying to ‘mirror’ this image because I wanted to make it my own yet I liked this images feel):

Since you’re aiming for photo-realism:

The image still looks slightly CG somehow. I think the reason why is that the edges are too sharp. Especially when considering the corners.

I hope that’ll be of some use to you.

The second one’s much better. You’ve got the image’s feeling well.
I agree about the corners. They need a bit of beveling.

…The second one is better but doesn’t look real enough yet. hic Maybe a few more beers and I’ll check back…

The seconds one is better, because it is a real photograph, used as a reference to create the first one.

Done, but C&C still welcome!

Improved in many a way!
But I don’t like that new rust texture… could we see it without that?

Other than that I think this should go in the blender3d.org gallery…

:o I’ve always wanted something in the blender.org gallery, that would be cool, how do I get it there??
You’re right, it is better without the rust:

Vastly improved! I love the feel. Now for a few nitpicks: the texture of the music is backwards (all the music notes should resemble a “d” or a “p”, not a “b” or a “q”, if you get my drift). And, are there by chance numbers on the top texture of the harp? That would make it much easier to know which end to play on (low notes are on the left at 1 and high notes are on the right at 10 or so) :wink: .

try this:

:expressionless: I feel dumb, lol, thanks.

I want to add my crits before its too late!

The Shadow under the harmonica is way too sharp and too dark. See if you can blur the shadow or play with buffered shadows so you come out with an effect similar to the one in the photo.

Very good! :o :smiley:
But as Jaycun, I think the shadow is a bit too sharp.

And maybe you could make the light on your scene slightly yelllow, so the final image would be closer to the almost sepia tones of your reference image (because, I don’t know why but I think the sepia fits perfectly with the topic)