A quick modeling exercise i did last night and tonight. i couldnt get the top and bottom metal pieces exactly how i wanted them, but i just decided its good enough. comments, crits, suggestions, and all other forms of help appreciated! :yes:

Edit: if anyone knows of a place to get good HDR images, i’d appreciate it.

Hey, nice.

licks ma lips rdy to play it :slight_smile: good job mate :slight_smile:

What a weird coincidence, I wish for a harmonica for christmas. Number 1 on the list, I think the metal has too much spec though. Maybe you could experiment with the metal material.

Nice start! I grabbed my Hohner Blues Harp (Key of G, thank you) to compare it with your render and there are a couple of details that you can add pretty easily.
The Hohner has brass plates top and bottom that match the area of the wooden part. Gotta’ have 'em because the reeds are stamped into them. The corners of the brass plates and the wood are rounded and the plates each have longitudinal grooves at the hole edge.
Here’s a LINK to a nice, big, reference picture that shows you the details I was talking about as well as providing hints for the grain and shade of the wooden parts. Here’s another LINK of a top view that should enable you to do a wrap of the engraved stuff.
Keep it up. The world can always use another harp.

Thanks for all the replies.
AviadMC: Thanks, i thought so too!

ganjalfx: i know wat you mean :)… do you (or anyone else here) play chromatic harmonica? is it a lot harder than diatonic?

Meriabo: Happy Holidays! my gift to you! :slight_smile: I agree about the spec, thats the HDRI map though. it was the best one i could find, i tried a few others but this was the best, and not that good. so if you have any HDRIs please tell me where to get them!

callmeishmael: I also have a Hohner blues harp, mine’s in key of C though. that first link is exactly it. I know that it could use more detail and rounded edges but I HATE the bevel tool. the wood is a procedural texture from blender materials. i was thinking of texturing the top plate, but got lazy… i didnt want to bother taking photos of my harmonica. that top down shot may inspire me to do it. thanks!

Blender doesn’t, to my knowledge, have a script that actually puts a radius on a corner. You can fake it by going to Mesh>Scripts>Bevel Center and then using a recursive bevel. The bevel center script takes some fiddling with the settings to get right but, once you’re close the recursive feature will bevel the bevel as many times as needed to fake a rounded corner in your final render.

nice harmonica,and the wood texture is cool to :smiley:

Edit: instead of a HDRI map you can use a simple blend texture with 1,2 sharp lines it it’s color ramp(white lines,black background),and in mapping co-ordinations set to reflection,and blend to add .it might look better.(but you’ll have to add a few loop cuts,so it will look sharper )

Edit:Callmeishmael,can you tell me where the Mesh>Scripts>Bevel Center is in 2.5 I can’t find it…I can’t find the scripts window too.

callmeishmael: i wasnt referring to a script, the bevel tool in the specials menu. (W in edit mode)

TheCroc: Thanks, the wood is a procedural texture from blendermaterials. http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?action=view&material=23-guitar-wood&fc=1

I dont really understand what you mean about the blend texture. can you please elaborate? Thanks, i appreciate the help!

Well you can get pretty cool fake refractions -
-Add a “blend” texture to your metal material.
-On it’s color ramp make a few black & white lines,2 should be enough,where the white lines are thin,with a sharp edge,And in ‘blend’ set ‘Diag’ (for the metal you can try, instead of white, slight blue)
-Then in “map Input” set it’s co-ordinates to refraction.- ‘refl’
-& finally in Map To set it’s “texture blending mode” to add,and tweak it’s color value. ‘col’
-oh and to get a better render,on the metal parts of your model,add loop cuts close to the edges,like this you’ll get more sharp edges,


Thanks, i’ll try that out.

hi i tried what you said, but it doesnt make much of a difference in the render. is there something i’m missing?

good job

if you decrease the specularity amount on the metal it would be better :smiley:

btw did you use yafaray render or?..

Tuism: Wow, you really are making your rounds on the forums! I see you all over the place! :slight_smile:
Thanks, the spec is a reflection from the HDRI map, so i’d have to move around the whole scene. this is Blender internal, i try not to use Yafary, mostly because i dont know how to that well…

This is a new render with TheCrocs advice. I’m not sure which i like better, so i hope you guys will help me!
Edit: Its supposed to have a blue gradient background but i think i saved it with alpha data.

hmm,may be the first one,the colors are more balanced there,and it’s more…contrasty.Try to use the same background,and lover the brightens on the metal material :slight_smile:

i tweaked the lighting and liked what i came up with:

hmm,…or may be just use ray mirror,:slight_smile: with blurry refractions,add a few cubes and lights around the scene… I like the 2nd more than the 3rd,and the background in the 1rs one :slight_smile:

wait… your suggestion was without using ray mirror?