Harmony - Female Character

Hey everyone,

I finished this character today and now I would like to share it here. Its the main character
of a short animation I am working on. This is one of my first characters. I usually create maschines
and landscapes.

I hope you like it. I render this model in Blender 2.81a and Eevee.


Engaging character - appealing expression of innocence & alertness, presumably for some warlike exploits. Nice contrast between metallic chain mail & armor plates, & soft hair & skin. However (my impression), the eyes are too “cartoony,” or obviously artificial. You show skill in creating features & materials; so that you might render her eye(-balls, especially) with more naturalness, & still maintain her clarity & focus, looking out at us. Good work; do more.

Hmm…1 extra thought: the soft-focus/blurriness at her neck/collar/shoulders seem extreme for a portrait like this. Perhaps an enemy lookout from very far away has an extreme telephoto lens (in the Middle Ages? :thinking: ). Not a major flaw, really. When we do really good work, we earn the right, so to speak, to get critiqued on a higher level. Yes, do more.