Harmony Project still alive!

Yep, harmony is still in developement,and we might have it official in 2.63 build.
Check the link!
( codereview.appspot.com/5491068 )

I haven’t seen any development since the first release… I am also curious…

We are still working on Harmony. Right now there has been more focus on getting Phase 1 and Cucumber into Trunk, as well as settling into a new school term.

Sound priorities!

Great, great! I am happy to know Harmony its still alive! Thanks again Stokes!

It looks like we had an evolution in the project. According to the last Developer Meeting Notes on February 26. ( http://www.blendernation.com/2012/02/27/developer-meeting-notes-february-26-2012/ ) the Harmony project can be added to the trunk soon… :slight_smile:

Harmony might get in next blender release!

I got harmony branch compiled on OSX a couple days ago! :smiley:

btw, is point light buffer shadows still in the works?

As far as i know point light shadows are unstable so they are not working on them anymore.

Its good to see the harmony branch is still in development. I have been using the last build of the harmony from about december, and I love the little things that have been improved, and the sun shadows as well. The sun shadows are a perfect addition to the GE.

Indeed they are but at the moment its still a hard stuff to have them realtime, the scene has to be rendered twice just because of a realtime shadow, so you wont be able to combine realtime shadows with a complx game level.
But inferred rendering might change that, we ll see!

I think they found that implementing point-light shadows that are fast and high quality was harder than they originally anticipated.

Sure you could use a shadow-map for each direction, but it would be six times slower, point-light shadows are among the more difficult types to implement due to the omnidirectional nature, so a fast implementation may need to wait until the inferred lighting system is developed. (In which you should note is not deferred, inferred lighting’s a little slower, but is superior when it comes to playing nice with other shading effects)

Ofcourse, inferred lighting should be the priority and after that they can easily ( i guess) add new features.
And btw, did i ever said differed?

I’m glad the shadows work for Sun lamps now though. A lot of engines don’t support point light shadows so I can live with that.
I hope 2.63 comes out soon. (and hopefully has got the sound bug in 2.62 fixed where OpenAL sounds would play only on my left speaker)
Would be great to use for the BGEComp. (since you’re only allowed to use official builds, which is fine by me, aaah I’m so easy-going with this XD)

BGEComp?? Say what what?

Blender game engine competition 2012

whispers I’m talking in code so the kids won’t find out. naah jk. :slight_smile:

Yea I have noticed that really complex scenes tend to slow down a bit when using the sun shadows, but the performance is ok for what I need it for. The only problem is that the harmony build doesnt save the frustrum size for the sun shadows. So every time you open up the file, the frustrum size has reverted back to 10.

Does anyone know how to solve this? For a lot of projects, the current sun will give good enough performance (on a half decent graphics card), but since the shadow frustrum size doesnt save, it makes it almost useless.


As far as i know not possible to save it at the momment, they are fixing it now though.
A newer build should do the job,cant wait for it.

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How about them apples?!
I thought you were talking about some sort of dedicated BGE device. :slight_smile: