Harold and the Butterfly

Just after some focused critique on my latest piece.

Inspired from Cardboard man series by Anton Tang.

Great work, I really like the detail on the stone texture. There are a few blades of grass intersecting the clovers. Also, maybe increase the poly count on the clovers to smooth out the edges since they are so close to the camera. Unless you are going for that type of look. Keep up the good work :cool:

Love this Render. Good idea, and great character design.
The only Thing I’m missing are the legs and the antennas of the Butterfly.
And I can’t figure out, what that blue thingy behind the stone-guy is.

He’s so cute !
I love this image.
I agree with [B]Gmodder. [/B]I would also add some thickness and displacement to the clovers (and some fresnel).
If you have too many clovers in your scene to increase the polycount, try Blender’s 2.78’s adaptive subdivision (and maybe microdisp).
The first issue that struck me was the cheated depth of field which adds a glowing effect on some parts. It’s not a problem on the character’s head but it definitely is on the grass.

I love the overall look and feel of the image. The only thing I really notice is the mushrooms look a little too hard/rock-like. Perhaps some subsurface scattering would fix that right up.

I’d say Gloss would fix it better. Not all mushrooms are translucent, but they’re otfen wet and even though they’re not, as the saying goes, “everything has fresnel”.

You’re certainly not wrong, I believe some gloss would be ideal; but all organic material has some level of translucency. Even if its not immediately noticeable the subtle effect will help sell the realism.

It’s meant to be a blueberry, however It didn’t turn out as clear as I would have liked.

That little umbrella sticks out and doesn’t seem to ‘mesh’ with anything. Like it’s on a separate plane all by itself. The little rock dude is adorable.

This is an awsome image, nicely done.
I do have to agree with Nikkita though about the umbrella, although personally I feel like the butterfly is even more seperated from the scene as to me it almost looks like an image that is later added to the scene.
Maybe if the wings would be slightly more tranparent the butterfly will interact with the scene more.