Harry Potter #4


Where is the vote for “Harry Potter is lame”?

I thought that the movie was noticeably better than the earlier ones, even though it had to cut rather murderously to fit a useable subset of the entire book into the available space. The music seemed much more developed, and the editing (which balanced between scenes of great intensity and scenes which provided relief) was extraordinarily tight. I didn’t miss the Dursleys at all; ditto Dobby.

The actor who played Lord Voldemort gave a much more athletic performance than I had expected, and he didn’t seem the slightest bit cowered by the role.

Yeah, where is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the acting in Harry Potter is awful. I generally dislike child actors anyway because they get lots of money and don’t really have to be all that talented but these movies really take the biscuit IMO.

Also, some of the movie effects are terrible.

There was one scene I saw of the new movie with ginger, harry and hermione I think her name is and I’ve seen better acting in soaps.

Daniel Radcliffe seems like a bit of a nerd too. I saw him on a talk show and he was just like some dumb kid hyped up on sugar.

I don’t really understand why so many adults like Harry Potter. It’s just about some adolescent school kids playing with magic and chanting really silly words.

same reason Adults like OSX :wink: coz they are big babies :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. seeing harry potter with the lady tonight.


I took my two nephews 10 and 12, They loved it and decided they needed to explain the whole thing to me…Little do they know I only took them because I diddnt want to be a loser and see it alone lol…and I own all 3 of the previous on DVD…I thought it was stupid untill I saw it, The graphics are awesome and the story is good too.

I voted for Awesome

Is your self esteem really THAT small?

The movie was lots better than the previous ones (which I didn’t like all that much).
Some of the special effects shots were really impressive, though they messed up a bit on the Durmstrang ship. When it goes back underwater at the end of the movie the water doesn’t look the least bit realistic. Perhaps they didn’t hear of Blender’s fluid simulation yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not seen it yet.

IMHO Harry Potter is a marvellous example of how a smart girl can make a loto of money with just 1 good idea.

And when I say just 1 good idea I mean that the movies I’ve seen up to now were almost identical



same reason Adults like OSX :wink: coz they are big babies :P[/quote]

Haha, now I understand the fascination. I just needed someone to put it in my terms ;).

You know Margaret Thatcher?

Good idea. That way you just look like a bunch of losers :).

Yeah, I think the special effects team rely a lot on compositing. It makes some of the sequences look quite amateurish.

Sometimes I think there is a fine line between being smart and being lucky. There are way too many ambiguous factors involved to put it down to being smart. The obvious one is popularity.

If all the kids in the world were smart like bigbad and I then Harry Potter would have flopped. But thanks to the dumbing down of education etc. it has taken off. I mean, why can’t kids be content with Pinky and the Brain? Narf.

Is your self esteem really THAT small?[/quote]

What about “Harry Potter has a small penis”?

Is your self esteem really THAT small?[/quote]

What about “Harry Potter has a small penis”?[/quote]

And you know that first hand?


Is your self esteem really THAT small?[/quote]

What about “Harry Potter has a small penis”?[/quote]

And you know that first hand?


All those long hot nights cuddling together, I mean… err… :expressionless:


I never understood everybodys fascination and interest in Harry Potter. I read the first two books and I stopped after that. I just couldn’t get into it and my mind kept telling me its a book for young children, not for me.

All you HP fans are probably going to flame me, but I really did try reading them, just wasn’t my cup of tea.

it was better than the last ones, and still an average movie.

worth the money though.

I think it was pretty good, except I don’t like how they treated mad eye’s face, with the eye being strapped to him, but good ol voldy was really good. Besides, how can you go wrong with emma watson as hermione? 8) :smiley: stares and before anyone calls me a pedophile, know that I’m 14. :slight_smile: I wish that they would release an extended 5 hour version with everything in it like with lotr.

too young to be shown on tv…
ill just stop there

That’s interesting. I really enjoyed the books and own all of them in hardcover.

I found the books to be anything but “just children’s stories.” There is definitely more than one level at which the stories can be read. And there turns out to be quite a complex back-story woven neatly through all of the books. Doesn’t seem that JKR quite knows what to do with Serivus Snape and a few others – we see her “moving them around on the chessboard” instead of letting them move on their own. She picks a handful of characters and moves them constantly while other nearby characters are barely mentioned. But it’s a big project and she’s quite the writer, I think.