Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - with correct cover!

Some of you may have a vague recollection of an image that I made in celebration of the release of the title of HP7, here. Now, with the release of the real cover, I decided to improve it!


Looks a bit muzzy, set the anti-aliasing to mitch or cat-rom or some such to sharpen it up.

Right - I set it to CatRom.

Any better?


Heheh, flip back and forth and see if you can notice the difference. Looks a lot cleaner, yeah. Good job on the book, by the way.

Nice. Still on the moon, but good none the less. I’d try a slightly different camera angle though, so that you can see the front cover a little more clearly.


Like this?


very nice indeed! Now you give me the blend file so I can read the booK :stuck_out_tongue: (it would be kinda cool if it was possible)
But can’t wait any longer…

heheh nice job man!

suggestion. it’s a book about magic, right? so…put some magic in the scene.

Okay I don’t like Harry Potter or Rowling or anything but it’s a nice image.

Why do Harry Potter books have to be so rediculously thick anyway? Does a child even have the patience to read the whole thing?

well not to get off topic
but the reason children read them is because they are very well written

good model

I started reading them when I was in second grade… (stopped in fifth) They’re ridiculously thick because there’s lots of things going on… if the Harry Potter series was a standard 150 paged kiddy paperback, it wouldn’t be this popular.

Good render, it’s still rather plain though. Needs something to make it more interesting than a book lying on the ground.

uh…I hate harry poter so much it was ok till the 4th book but the fifth book was so whiney, he complained the whole time…i got to like the 200th page and decided it was getting retarded…he better die in the 7th book…=D…my sister thinks he will and it’ll be the only point of reading any of it…well the last 2 pages…but i think of the 500/700 pages there are 350/550 pages of fluff…nice model though

But thats the UK kids cover! The US cover looks way better…

And yeah, the scene is pretty bland…

Awww… That’s mean… Anyway,

@free_ality I did the UK kids because in NZ we get the UK children’s edition and I just like it. But I agree, the US edition is also very good.

Any suggestions for a better background? I personally like the way it is. And the thicker the Harry Potter, the better. (even though it’s only going to be 608 pages…)

I mean, something other than the gray. maybe, soe other HP art for a background…
I dunno, something…

Looks good! You should do a version with all three covers together in one scene.

I got tired of the Potter books a while ago, but now I’m getting excited for the last one. My oldest son has been reading and re-reading them, he’s gotten through all but the “half-blood prince”.

I was a little nervous about him reading them too soon, he’s only 7, but there aren’t many books for his age group that he’s interested in.

can’t wait to show him your image, he hasn’t seen the cover yet!

search harry potter 7 on wikipedia you’ll get images (wanted to see if there was a spoiler, I really hope harry dies=D)