Harry Potter Dueling Game! FPS (online feature)

So for a while I have so despratly wanted to make some kind of Harry Potter game and finally I thought, a dueling game.

So the game would be an offline/online FPS game. You would be able to duel a computer when offline and when you go online you will beable to verse the rest of the world.

You will be put into a random house (Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Slytherin) and you will also be given a wand.

For the duel part there will be a couple of maps for people to battle on.

There will be free spells that you will get more when you win more duels. There will also be paid spells, to generate a little money.

There will be online rankings and a house cup. Top point earners (day,week,all time) that will get bonus spells aswell.

It’s mainly an online dueling experience. I’d love some people who are intrested to join in the project, there will be a main team but people are free to submit wands, objects to hide behind.

I’ll need-
Map Creators
Charecter Modelers
Charecter Riggers
Python Coders
Object Modelers

and anyone else that ones to help it’ll will be great.

(No promised pay but you are intitled to 5% of all earnings)

Making some wands tonight so images will be out soon!

It’s all cool and dandy, but WB will close your game if you try to earn money on it. Probably will close it anyway. Also before starting to find team, you should probably have a working prototype on hands.

I have to agree with portgas there are so many people who come into this forum with frankly is not enough to start making a game on also you didnt say what you would be doing for more advice on what to do read the guide for sucessful team projects sticky

-Hope you have a nice day

Trench Studios

… Sorry man, but I don’t think anyone will hop onboard the Game Train to Hogwartz without knowing that YOU are capable of making this game. If you have some previous work to show off, that would be a different story.

If this is your first attempt at a game, I’ll tell you right now: It won’t happen. Set the bar a little lower until you are more experienced.

On the other hand, if you do have the skill needed to pull off this kind of game… Warner Bros will cut off your balls and feed them to feral cats. Stealing a corporation’s IP is a bit frowned upon in this day and age. Maybe you could write them and get their written permission to make a fan game, but you absolutely can’t make a profit off of it.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but that’s life.