Harry Potter Fan Film Passion Project | looking for VFX/3DFX specialists for different scenes

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I am currently working on a Harry Potter Fan Film as my bachelor project. It is a passion project as I am a huge huge Potterhead and wanted to combine my graduation with something I love so deeply. Now the script is written, the costumes are in process and almost every actor is casted I am searching for a team which has my visions and wants to create a great experience for all the fans out there. With my script I will tell the story of Pandora Lovegoods death and her relationship to Luna Lovegood, combining it with some well known and important aspects of the harry potter universe. Of course I will tell you more about it, if you want in a private talk. Unfortunately it is a no budget project as it is a bachelor project, but with high standards in the final product where people come together who just want to create something splendid “just for fun”. Because of this I am looking for talented people with great skills who want to improve their showreel or portfolio with some “fantastic” stuff or who is a huge potterhead as I am and just has time and zest for these things!
What I need (e.g.):

  1. animated rabbit in dust or smoke or something like this

  2. animated fantastic beast of your choice, it “just” has to look incredible :slight_smile:

  3. falling flowers out of xenophilius lovegoods wand

  4. Making Pandora translucent for a whole scene

  5. exploding potion and something like this

  6. butterbeer appearing

If there is just one thing you are sure you can create and make it look awesome it would help me so much already. I would be very happy to hear from you, if you want to know more about the project or if you just answer me to tell me you like harry potter as much as I do, even if you cannot help me :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for reading this and looking forward to meet all the blendeer pros/potterheads out there :slight_smile:

Best regards from germany,



I’m not sure if I’m interested in helping, but I wanted to make sure I understand what you’re doing. Is this a live action film or totally cgi? How far have you gotten in the project? Do you have actors, voice actors, etc? Do you just need vfx, or are you also looking for modelers, animators, etc?

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