Harvest on Ultra 24-1

Harvest on Ultra 24-1

Created with Cycles and post pro in photoshop.
Still got a lot to learn regarding cycles materials…but getting faster…

pretty cool.
the atmosphere is pop and cute!

The colors are so intense! It makes me think I should be wearing 3D glasses.

pokestuff strikes again! I really love these

Lovely work poke! I just think the grass could be tweaked more to have that elegant feel like the rest of the scene.

So much love your work!

I’m liking the fact that there’s no 2D stickers on the images like normal, it looks to be like a whimsical blend of Dr. Seuss and Science-Fiction.

There’s not really anything to criticize off the bat due to the execution being pretty much fantastic across the board, a good example of how to use Cycles for artistic purposes as well as realistic.

Love it, as usual!

cheers for the comments guys…

now if only Blender had a multiply mode for ambient occlusion all my worries about cycles will be over…