Here is “Harvester”, a quick build based on an earlier 2D design of mine…

All blender and cycles :slight_smile:

Higher rez is on my artstation page…



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This is actually really cool for a “quick build” as you call it. I would love to see it put into a complete scene!

Good realisation, and a lovely design.

nice work and so fantastic rez it,s actually can be use,d as a short cartoon thing :slight_smile:

Playing around. Though getting smooth volumetric renders out is a bit frustrating :slight_smile:



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nice how did you do this air dust it,s cool , i am trying to do it for a long time ,but i don’t seem to do it well

It’s a volume fog but the particles are all Photoshoped in from photographs.


Did a quick run cycle. Note the kid is operating the levers too :slight_smile:


Gorgeous work. I love the run cycle. Well done!

Idea is so inspirational tha make good character, love it and thanks for sharing !

Stunning! Makes me want to see it animated in a short :slight_smile:

I think my run cycle will have to suffice as the short. Perhaps I’ll tease it out with a long title and credit crawl. :slight_smile:

Oh I missed that, just as amazing!

This is so cool, I really love the run cycle.

How did you make bokeh lens flares ?

Photoshop. :slight_smile:
It’s a big cheat.

though its still,s awesome, the only challenge would be if you want to animate this scene , it would be hard to do all thes FX over and over and over again

wonderful design! Love the animation you posted on artstation aswell! That shake and bounce, the little fella has an enormous tolerance for motionsickness! Greatness, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Really nice work. I had the Oblivion soundtrack running through my head when I watched the run cycle.

Loving it, superb job.