Has 2.8 limited the baking tool?

Is there a way to tell blender to bake/project “from nearest face” or similar?
See image (I’ve moved the target above the source and highlighted issue areas) where the diffuse bake in some areas has taken the texture from the opposite side of the mesh!

It seems like it is baking correctly as long as source (selected) is smaller than target (active), but I’m not entirely sure. I also get occasional black spots in my bake where it seems nothing at all is detected.

Searching on the problem i get a lot of hits pre-2.8 that suggests cage and ray distance, features that I cannot seem to find at all in 2.8 (cycles). Have these been replaced in 2.8 or would I be better of finding an older Blender version for my issues?

No, they haven’t been replaced, they’re all there:


Thank you very much for a quick reply. Wow, I feel incredibly stupid for missing the little arrow.
With increased ray distance I was able to get much better results. Not sure if it fully solves my issue, but it’s getting there.!