has any one seen the cover of 3D world

Hey, I think I recognize that bunny! :smiley:
open source for the win, lol.

The bunny has landed on 3D world.

I wonder if a future edition will have Apricot on the cover.

Yeh i saw that the other day.
The latest version of 3D world was the first i bought, ill start making an effort to get each issue.

The last one, the may edition, had a article on BBB as well. It was interesting to read. I’ll be looking forward to getting this next edition.

Thanks for posting :smiley: otherwise I would’ve missed that issue. Now I’ll get that as soon as I see it next time I go to the Mall.

I love the wording! gospel! ha ha ha!

guess you get a sarcastic title if they cannot make money advertising your product.

I will definately browse the magazine, but not buy it.

Open Source will sure win the world.