Has anybody ever used TexMesh for anything?

From the documentation:

Enter the name of another Mesh block here to be used as the source for the texture coordinates. Morphing-like effects can then be achieved by distorting the active Mesh. For example, a straight stream of water (as an animated texture) can be placed in a winding river.”

What bothers me is that it seemingly works just like setting the texturecoordinates to ‘Object’ in Materialbuttons.

From the documentation:

Every Object in Blender can be used as a source for texture coordinates. For this, the Object’s inverse transformation is applied to the global coordinate, which gives the local Object coordinate. This links the texture to the position, dimension and rotation of the Object. Generally, an Empty Object is used to specify the exact location of a Texture, e.g. to place a logo on the body of an airplane. Another commonly used approach is to have the ‘Texture Object’ move to achieve an animated texture.”

I was wondering if anyone had ever wanted to use the TexMesh option for anything. It seems pointless to me, but maybe I’ll be proved wrong.

Never tried it, but from the description it sounds like maybe texmesh lets you move the vertices to distort the texture. Like a lattice for textures. I’ll try it when I get home.

Hello Monkeyboi,

WeirdHat is right. Using a TexMesh allows you to distort the texture, whereas Object input mapping allows you to move the overall texture by moving the object.

Here is a TexMesh example:

Note that when using TexMesh, the texture is mapped by corresponding vertex numbers. For extra fun, try hashing the vertices on one of your meshes :slight_smile: (Please save your file before doing this!)

Here is an Object input mapping example:

In the object input mapping example, the top cube has the image texture mapped with Orco input, and each of the two bottom cubes use Object input with the object set to the two empties shown in the 3D Window view. You can see that the textures are shifted in X, Y and Z on the bottom cubes with respect to the position of the texture on the top cube.

Thanks alot! I’ll just go play with it when I get home!

Very cool,… :o Thanks for the explanation.