Has anybody here modelled a modern small cargo vessel?

I’m reasonably used to using plans and elevations as the basis for vehicle modelling, but I thought I’d model a roro ferry or a trawler or a pleasure boat… but finding accurately identifying the ship types and finding their plans has proven to be really troublesome.

Anybody here know their way around maritime modelling? Any advice? I was hoping to be fairly accurate, but I might just have to take these plans and cut to fit, or something…!


I know for sure that boat modeling is done with Bézier /NURBS curves, or other forms of splines- the word “spline” actually refers to a tool used by ship builders for creating plans:

That probably isn’t very helpful, though. someone else will come along with something more specific :slight_smile:

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It’s certainly very interesting, though, thank you. =D

try to find some blue prints showing the different cross sections
then should be possible to get a good 3D model.

there are many threads on ships on forum here or other sites

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Long ago i made a cargo ship. In Rhino.

Make preference for ships with plans that have hull lines. Not only sections. Those work are just less precise in some more constrained hull parts.

You need to turn the hull project lines in splines.
Then “loft” the surface. I don’t know how to do that in Blender.

One example http://freeshipplans.com/free-model-ship-plans/cargo-ship-plans/bydgoszcz-type-b55/

Above site have many but not all have same quality.


You are not green but might get some information here


Another site with various ship plans


@RickyBlender - I’m fairly familiar with the use of blueprints/plans/elevations/cross-sections, I’m just trying to find ones that suit the boats I have in mind. I can’t find that many relevant threads on this forum, but I’ve sent DMs to artists who’ve worked on similar vessels - thank you for the suggestion!

@Bullit - Holy cow, those are fantastic websites! The ships on dreadnoughtproject.org aren’t modern craft, but the other two sites were well worth a trawl (pun not intended). I still don’t think these are the ships I’m looking for, but it’s a great step forwards. Thank you!

Also checkout kitset or akin analogue modeling sites, maybe there’s useful material available to source for your project plus worthwhile noting many people that congregate in these communities are likewise dedicated over decades too their craft and highly skilled in their own right.

For example:


Ah…just noticed, basically in a similar vein to @Bullit’s post sbove

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It’s a fantastic contribution, though - the more the merrier! I’m still having trouble identifying and finding correct plans, so I’ve applied to join Model Ship World - I’m hopeful that they’ll have the specialised knowhow I need! Much obliged!

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