has anybody watched this?

(kos) #1

anybody watched the pyramid show(secrete chambers revealed) today on tv?it was shown live in india.though i saw it in night.great program with some newly revealed mysteries which were shown live.

(KotsVlok) #2

i don’t know if i saw the same as you, but i saw that they discovered a new door or somthin with that robot?

(sten) #3

yeah I saw it…a new door…

takes 1 year to to get it open :smiley:

(rndrdbrian) #4

Its all fake I tell you! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually all filmed in a secret film studio, next door to the studio that they faked the moon landings in. :wink:


(rwv01) #5

Here’s a link to the project’s website.


Great CAD illustrations that you can view interactively via CADViewer

The stone in question has two copper or bronze bars protruding from holes in it and bent down 90 degrees.

(fullback) #6

They looked past a door with hinges and found… a new door.

What was behind door #2? Geraldo Rivera? 8)

(kos) #7

i think there lies the secrete to make blender world’s best 3d app. :smiley: .if not then it might be that there are all the mummies of khufu’s mistresses’ inside it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(kos) #8

…and by the way the female host simply ROCKED!!does anyone know some URL showing some revealing pics of her? :o

(valarking) #9

oh, ya, i memorized it:

(RipSting) #10

Valar, the link doesn’t work…

I didn’t see the show, are there any actual pictures or video on the net from that show?

(SGT Squeaks) #11

You actually clicked the link? wow. :o good think it didn’t go anywhere.

(IMProvisar) #12

Um… Rip… mouse-over the link, and read the URL in your browser’s status bar. :stuck_out_tongue:


(RipSting) #13

lol I know:)! I was joking. So am I a sick perverted freak now?

(kos) #14

soooo sad…valarking’s link does not work.to me the female host looked a bit like celine dion.

(haunt_house) #15

I personally think it´s the secret hideout of ELVIS!


(valarking) #16

dear god

(haunt_house) #17

GREAT! :smiley:

I do missionary work here