Has anyone compiled the blur plugin?

Has anyone successfully compiled the blur plugin for windows
which will work with ver2.23 or 2.26?
If so could it be e-mailed to me as it is quite urgent.

Your help would be appreciated.


Sorry, but I’ve asked that very same question before, and apparently there’s something about the code that makes it hard to make a DLL out of. And the original coder has apparently “disappeared” or something… What I’m trying to say is - don’t hope for it. Find another solution.

If it’s a life or death question then try the other two methods:

1 - Camera parented to a cyrcle (my favourite)

2 - Caronte’s technique

Go to malefico’s site for a comprehensive tutorial on both


Oi, S68 - that would be focal blur. It seems trevs wants the ordinary blur… So would I, btw… :smiley:

buggger it.
I thought that would be the answer.
I cant believe no-one has made a decent glow/blur plug-in.


:expressionless: OPS :expressionless:

You could always use the Gimp… Make a transparent-type-shimmery-thing to stick in front of the camera…

Well, the ordinary blur plugin seems to use internal Blender functions, which I don’t think is possible in windows. Still an adapted version should be possible.
I did create a blur/glow/noise/image processing type plugin myself quite some time ago, hannibar even tested it (although in the end I think he prefered Photoshop), but the blur algorithm is not quite optimal in terms of memory use, probably is only usable for smaller size pictures. I never really finished it although it is usable.

Weren’t the pre compiled in the archive?

Someone has. I think it was Reevan, but that plug-in for blooming is certainly alright, although it is slow and only likes square pixels/no field support etc. I do do stills in photoshop because you get more interactive control, but for finishing off animations I do tend to run them through said plug-in.

Haven’t a clue where you could get it though. Its called “glow.dll”