Has anyone done this?

I want to do a zoom in from space to the parking lot or front door of a business using Google Earth or something similar. Has anyone done this? If so, how did you do it? Thanks.

No one? I thought it would have been done for someones business of for a commercial. Oh well. Hope all had a safe holiday weekend.

That type of thing was also done in the opening shot of “The Gods Must be Crazy” circa 1977 and (I think) the opening of “The 'Burbs” in 1989. Best advice I can give is watch the openings of those films in slo-mo to see where they stitched things together.

Thanks for the replies. I did one a zoom in from space a few years ago using a Blender Earth file for the first part. The second part I used a screen recoring of a zoom out from Google maps or something like that. I just ran it backwards. The effect was OK but the transition looked like crap to me. Others that saw it didn’t notice but it bothered me. Thanks again for the replies.

Do you have a big ass scale image of the full earth that shows the fine detail you need up close. I guess not. Therefore you need to fudge it and transition between different resolution images. If your transition was crap, you’ll need to fade between them better

The effect was OK but the transition looked like crap to me.

You can use tricks like whizzing through a cloud to mask the transition. It’s convenient that clouds occur right where the transition would be most obvious. The big boys have been this trick for years.