Has anyone else seen this render bug?

Remember in pre-2.32 when a rendered animation was completed, in image or video formats, that it could be found in a “render” folder or the directory of your choice?

I didn’t notice this problem until the last few days when I’ve been doing animation with 2.32. It would finished rendering and the file(s) couldn’t be found anywhere. It turns out that it is located in the “/tmp/” directory in the HD, but that directory is hidden from users. For some reason Blender is not transferring the files from the “tmp” directory after they are finished.

it doesn’t initally put them in /tmp or anything then move them

it just saves them to the directory specified in the display buttons

you probaby want to change that from /tmp (which may be the new default??) to //render

Tried it. Still doesn’t work. The files remain in the “invisible” /tmp directory.

make a new folder C:\render
specify the full file path in the render directory right above the backbuff button by browsing for it.
hit ctrl U to save defaults.
does it work now?

No. Apparently I’m the only one with this problem, I didn’t want to report it as a bug if I’m the only one with it. When the segment of animation I’m currently rendering is finished (probably Thursday) I was considering deleting the .B file to see if that fixes it…