Has Anyone Ever Done a Move Like This?

I’m thinking about blender’s potential and am wondering if anyone has ever used it to make a movie where you use blender to make background and some model creatures but with real people as actors. In other words has anyone ever used green screening with blender renders and how well did it go?

Do you mean rotoscoping?

It went great!

not really, but that seems like it would work well also. are there any tutorials on how to do this with blender?

I know some people around here have done stuff like that, probably not a full movie though…
it certainly is possible, either using blender only, or any program of your choice.
you will probably have to be proficient at the compositor to get the footage to match up better.

now that I think of it a very simple way of doing it would be making a background with blender and then using it with my mac’s photo booth. It wouldn’t come out great, but I think that might work.

That’s gotta be hell to get the lighting right.

I just make my vid the world texture, resize the render, and go!

Here is a tutorial.

thanks for the tutorial.

and yeah the only thing I’m worried about will be the lighting if I actually get time to do all this.