Has anyone experienced this bug? And if so tell me how to fix it?

Has anyone using 64 bit ubuntu experienced a graphic bug with 2.56?

I can’t use the version from blender.org or a build I’ve made on my own from svn.

The problem is this -

All of my views beside the 3d view blur and distort when I move in the 3d view.

Do you have an ATi card ?
My Radeon 5870 acted the same way with FGLRX installed.
Running Blender 2.49 in Window Mode solved the problem.
Also try deactivating the Desktop Hardware acceleration ( sorry forgot the name ) that makes windows wobble and such.
Hope this helps.

No, I’ve got an NVIDIA card.
I got it working though.

I had to change User Preferences -> System -> Window Draw Method to be set to Full

This has fixed the problem.

Thanks for replying. Hope this helps someone else.

This problem occurs with enabled anti-aliasing. I also have an Nvidia Card and the same problem. Either deactivating anti-aliasing or the thing you did, helps.

I should have tried it sooner.